Activated Carbon Consortium



Consortium Membership


The total costs and contributions of the dossier preparation by the consortium will be calculated, and spread over the members equally. REACH preparation work was also undertaken by ACPA before setting up the Consortium.


The total costs for all consortium work includes among others:


- Past test work

- Specific REACH test work

- Management and administration

- Technical support

- Contribution of members


The registration fees payable to ECHA by each registering legal entity are not included.


The total costs are difficult to predict due to the scope of the activities and uncertainties related to future testing and dossier preparation. The current estimate is 2.400.000 EUR for the Dossier until 2012.


Cost for one or two substances


As most costs are common for both Low Density Skeleton and High Density Skeleton Activated Carbon, the Consortium has decided to split the cost in the following way:


- Tests costs for only one substance only applicable for members registering that substance

- Costs for read across shall be split equally over all consortium members

- Other costs including Consortium Management costs shall be split equally over all consortium members

- No differentiation on tonnage band as Consortium Members have access to all data and can use for other non-REACH regulations.


Funding the Consortium work


The running costs of the Consortium are funded by the members, for which purpose Royal HaskoningDHV sends out invoices to the members as defined in the Consortium Agreement.


There are currently 25 members, new members are required to pay an initial fee of 100.000 EUR.


Settlement after registration


The financial year of the Consortium runs from 1 January to 31 December of each calendar year. After closing of any year, the total costs per Member will be calculated, and each Member will be invoiced/refunded as required to level the costs.