Activated Carbon Consortium

Letter of Access


Potential registrants not wishing to become member of the consortium can purchase a Letter of Access (LoA) to the contents of the dossier of High Density Skeleton and/or Low Density Skeleton after Registration.


The costs are based on the total expected value of the dossiers and on the number of Consortium members and purchasers of a LoA. The value of the LoA (currently €60000) will be at the same level as the equal share of the costs per substance with an applied risk premium (10%) and discount (30%) for REACH only use.


Registrants wishing to purchase a LoA need to sign the SIEF Agreement and will also have to set up a bank guarantee to cover the estimated costs of Annex 9 and 10.


For Registrants wishing to purchase a LoA with lower tonnage band, the LoA will be discounted for those tests not required by the Lower Tonnage Band.


Companies wishing to buy a Letter of Access may express their wishes to the Consortium Secretariat at email:


In brief:

LoA /Volume



100 - 1000

10 - 100

1 - 10

Proposed LoA price

€ 60.000

€ 45.000

€ 35.000

€ 15.000

Bank guarantee

€ 20.000

€ 20.000

€ 0

€ 0