Activated Carbon Consortium



Companies that wish to register Activated Carbon (High Density Skeleton and/or Low Density Skeleton ) can either join the Consortium, or purchase a Letter of Access to the dossier(s).


Joining the Activated Carbon Consortium


Companies that have a registration duty under REACH for Activated Carbon can join the Consortium.


Companies that join the Consortium obtain the same rights and obligations as existing members. Existing members have already incurred costs related to the consortium activities. New members have to pay the same amount when joining the consortium as funding fee. Companies who join later will have a larger backlog in payments to the consortium to settle.


Joining involves the following steps:


Please check first if the Substances Definitions covers the substance(s) you wish to register under REACH.


- You will receive a Non-Disclosure agreement,

- Please return the signed Non-Disclosure Agreement to the Secretariat.

- You will receive the Consortium Agreement, and information on the actual costs when joining at that moment.

- Please sign the Declaration of Accession in the Consortium Agreement, and send this to the Consortium Secretariat.

- The Steering Committee of the Consortium formally decides on your membership. The Secretariat informs you of the outcome and if positive send you an Invoice for the backlog payments.

- Please pay the Invoice

- As soon as your payment on the Invoice has been received on the consortium bank account, your membership becomes effective.


Consortium members benefit from their membership:


- direct access to the consortium results and developments

- voting rights on decisions the consortium will make

- use of data for other regulations outside REACH


Consortium members have duties as well, which are included in the Consortium Agreement. One duty is to contribute to the consortium costs by paying invoices timely.